Access: Form Creation

Data Access pages provide an online viewer that lets you display and edit Access databases over the Internet. It's possible to create a form-type data access page for a single table or query using the Page Wizard.

Example, say your managers need to be able to access their employees' addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses online. They can do just that if you create a form-type Data Access page. Here's how:

1.    Open the Employees database.
2.    Click the Pages object in the database window.
3.    Click New and then select Page Wizard.
4.    Select the Employees table on which to base the object data and click OK.
5.    Select the fields that you want displayed online and click Next.
6.    Click Next twice.
7.    Enter a title for the page, select Open The Page, and click Finish. The new data page is displayed.
8.    Close and Save the Data Access page to a folder that you (and your managers) can access online.

After the Data Page is saved, Access places a shortcut to it in the database window. The actual Data Page exists as an HTML file separate from the Access database to which it is connected.