Domain Name Auto Renew Can Save Your WebSite and $35,000.00

Recently, a savvy Web entrepreneur made nearly $35,000 from of a $15 domain. Seems like a great story, unless you'e the one spending a small fortune to buy back a domain that used to be yours. This is just one of many frightening tales of domain expiration. People spend years building an audience or a customer base for their site, only to lose it all because they failed to renew the WebSite domain name.

The saddest part of these stories is that all of the heartache and expense could have been easily avoided. Most domain registrars offer a free auto renew service. This prevents your domain from expiring by automatically renewing it just before the expiration date by using a credit card your registrar keeps on file. It's so simple, safe and effective, it’s a wonder that not everyone uses it.

Of course, there are still those rare occasions when the credit card you have on file with your registrar expires between the time of purchase and your auto renew date. Fortunately, Active Technologies & have another solution for those who don't want to take any risks with their domain. We monitor domain registration dates and notify you 30 days in advance so you never have to worry about loosing your domain AND you don't have to worry about credit card and personal information floating around the internet.