Word: AutoText Speeds Up Typing

Do you often find yourself typing the same phrase over and over again? For example, let's say you work for the Southern Chesterfield Regional High School District Board of Education. Just entering the name of your employer can become quite time-consuming.

But you don't have to manually type the entire name of your organization each time you use it in a Microsoft Word document. Instead, you can add it to Word's list of AutoText entries, and you'll never have to type the entire name again, and this is how we do it:

1.    Type the name of your organization as you normally would.
2.    Select the text, and press [Alt][F3].
3.    Click OK in the Create AutoText dialog box.

The next time you begin typing the name, the rest of the name will appear in a screen tip above the word you're typing. Press [Enter], and Word will fill in the rest.
If the screen tip doesn't appear, make sure you've enabled AutoComplete. Follow these steps:

1.    Go to Tools | AutoCorrect Options.
2.    On the AutoText Tab, select the Show AutoComplete Suggestions check box, and click OK.

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