Website Success 6Cs : clear, concise, correct, consistent, complete, and clickability

There is only one "page one" on Google, Yahoo, and MSM and over 300 million websites vying for that coveted spot. Therefore, good design fundamentals and plain language are essential for website success.


  • use active voice rather than passive voice
  • incorporate strong nouns, verbs, and modifiers


  • use short simple sentences and short paragraphs
  • design the site to be read quickly by the reader (scanability)


  • update pages as time goes by to reflect all changes.
  • review site for spelling, grammar, and HTML coding mistakes


  • use a single \"look\" and feel for every page in your Web site
  • ensure the reader can view the site no matter the operating system or browser used       


  • ensure information is useful, current, readable, reliable, and helpful
  • make certain that no information has been omitted
  • research all the information that is included in the site to ensure accuracy
  • provide a content-rich web site, with appropriate keywords to draw readers and search engines to the site


  • make the layout effective
  • confirm the links are up to date
  • make certain the information is found easily and is it accessible
  • connect pages along routes of use and user thinking