Small Business Technical Missteps During A Tough Economy

'In this tough economy, some small businesses have considered cutting back on regular maintenance for their networks and computers. The following is a list of the 10 most common technical missteps that have resulted in system failures with data loss:

Insufficient technical support
1. Unresolved Hardware/software issues
2. Insufficient power protection (no battery backups or UPS with dead batteries)
3. Illegal software
4. Insufficient training
5. Security failures
6. Poor or no backup strategy
7. Virus exposure (no antivirus or out of date subscriptions)
8. Spyware exposure
9. Unsolicited e-mail
10. Not maintaining and enforcing a technology and email policy

It is imperative that small businesses adopt or maintain the following business practices:

1. Implement and enforce strong password security policies for all PCs, servers, network equipment, and software applications.
2. Regularly update operating systems, network equipment firmware, and applications with the latest security patches.
3. Deploy business-class firewalls in all locations; connect no systems directly to the Internet.
4. Secure all wireless networks.
5. Disable guest accounts.
6. Implement Internet and e-mail usage policies that preclude personal use of those technologies.
7. Prohibit file-sharing programs.
8. Deploy proven antivirus, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit applications and update them regularly.
9. Regularly perform security audits and correct all deficiencies.
10. Maintain and evenly enforce a technology and email policy