How do you find Great Content

How do you find Great Content to share?

Once you understand that being a good social citizen means sharing other people's posts and content, the challenge becomes, where do you find great content? I've had very interesting conversations with Ryan Best and others who want to better understand this concept of content curation, and how it applies to social media activity.

There are two main techniques that I use, but perhaps some smarter people can offer some additional ideas.

First, I make sure that I am identifying and connecting with influencers and thought leaders on all my social networks. Now, before you get caught up in the anti-vocabulary craze, understand that these terms really do apply. I am actively looking for people who are sharing their own unique ideas and perspectives, and providing real value to those that are interested in what they have to say. I follow brilliant people like Denis Labelle and Mark Traphagen and martin shervington and I continue to learn from the example of guys like Kenneth Manesse Sr.. Every day, when I open my stream, I get a free education on the topics I'm interested in. And I am offered a steady diet of fabulous posts that I can share with my own followers. That creates value for your followers, and an implied affiliation between you and that influencer.

Second, I have taken the time to identify key websites providing articles and commentary on my industry. Sometimes they're blogs from the same people I follow, and sometimes they're different. Some of my favorites include Copyblogger and Social Media Examiner and Heidi Cohen - sites with RSS feeds that are providing tremendously valuable articles and ideas every day. I use these sources to find at least 2 - 3 interesting articles that I can share to my social networks.

In continuing my How to Make the Most of Your HootSuite Account Series, today's post explains in detail how you can use these two methods of finding great content, couple them with HootSuite, and bring everything together into a single dashboard. If you're interested in really unleashing the power of your HootSuite account, check it out.

Are there other ideas or techniques you've found for finding great content? Is there anyone else who you think is doing a bang-up job of sharing other people's posts and being a resource?

And if you have questions about HootSuite, either regarding the RSS Syndicator or otherwise, post 'em here as well.