Gmail Email Lists or Groups

(Laura, Teresa, RosieCat23, BR and 3 others @ WikiHow) To create a 'Mailing List' in GMail saves a lot of time and efforts  for mailing  a mass e-mail. Mailing List  in Gmail is called Group. This is how we do it...



  1. 1

    Open GMail, and click a "GMail" button on the left,





  2. 2

    Click Contacts option,





  3. 3

    Click 'New Group' option to open it, give a  name  to a new group, for example 'Work', then click OK to create it,





    • You will see a new group shown on the left among the Contacts.
  4. 4

    Click on 'Work' group to open it, 





  5. 5

    Click on the icon (see image) ... it will open a window to start adding contacts to this group

    • For example, you have a contact Hennesy ...Type 'Hennesy' in the window ... Hennesy's e-mail will pop up... click on it.
    • Click Add button.  
  6. 6

    Next, for example, you have Ella in your contacts to add to the group ...

    • Type 'Ella' in the window ... Ella's e-mail will pop up ... click on it
    • Click 'Add' button.
  7. 7

    Continue the same procedure until you enter all your  work contacts, their e-mails also will be shown, 





  8. 8

    A new group 'Work' will be shown on your Contacts with a number of contacts in parenthesis,





  9. 9

    At this time click  'Contacts' button, then 'GMail'  option to return to the original   page,





  10. 10

    Click 'Compose' button to start composing  an e-mail  for  the  new  'Work' group 





    • Enter a word 'work' in the "TO:" field - it will bring  a 'Work group'  up into the window,  click on it,
    • All your work contacts will be automatically inserted into the "TO:" window.