AutoCAD 2014 vs AutoCAD 2013 and previous versions

AutoCAD 2014 connects and streamlines your design workflow like never before. New design-feed social collaboration tools drive project stakeholder involvement. Dozens of time-saving enhancements speed your everyday workflow. And with live maps and powerful new reality-capture capabilities, AutoCAD connects your design ideas to the world around you. See how it compares to previous AutoCAD versions.

  AutoCAD 2014 AutoCAD 2013 AutoCAD 2012 AutoCAD 2011
User interaction
Multi-functional grips
Hide and isolate objects
Create and select similar objects
Delete duplicate objects  
Content explorer  
Associative arrays  
Clickable command line options    
Property edit preview    
Viewport change preview    
Intelligent command line      
File tabs      
Solid, surface, and mesh modeling
Autodesk materials library
Editable UCS icon  
In-canvas viewport controls  
Surface curve extraction    
Context-sensitive press-pull    
Import sketchup files (SKP)      
Autodesk ReCap point cloud tool      
Geometry measurement tools
Parametric constraints
Object and layer transparency
Base and projected views  
Blend curves  
Copy array  
Section and detail views    
Strike-thru text    
Text align      
DGN 8 import/export/underlay
PDF publish/underlay
FBX import/export
DWG convert  
IGES, CATIA, Rhino, pro/engineer, and step import  
Inventor file import    
Autodesk 360 connectivity    
Design feed      
Share on Facebook      
Geolocation coordinate system and live maps      
Action recorder
CUIx file format
Online license transfer
Migration reset  
Multiple plot file search paths  
Customization and support file sync    
Exchange app manager      
Featured apps ribbon tab      
Secure load      
  Free trial      
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