Will Apple Search Impact Google Bottom Line

(Jennifer Abel @ ConsumerAffairs) Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference grinds on and continues to be a hugely big deal for iFans everywhere. Truth to tell, even Apple-free households have reason to take interest. Apple's a huge player in the computing industry, and if the company unveils anything truly innovative, everyone else will eventually follow. Remember: before there were generic “tablets,” there was the iPad.

After Day Two, it turns out that Google stockholders (and anyone else concerned with the welfare of the search-engine giant) might worry that Apple's latest update might hurt Google's bottom line. As AdAge magazine asked on June 3: “Did Apple's 'Spotlight' [local search function] update just sideline Google Search ads?”

The question arises from the fact that Apple has made Microsoft's Bing search engine the default on its upcoming products, in addition to its current status as the default search engine for voice-activated Siri products. (However, Google will remain the default search engine for Apple's browser Safari.)

Furthermore, Apple Spotlight users will get web-only search results stripped of ads — gutting one of Google's money-making models.

No guarantees

None of this guarantees that Google has reason to worry, though. AdAge notes that Apple's Bing-powered search engine generally brings back far fewer results than Google.

Bing has, in previous commercials, tried portraying this as a positive feature – you'll get a small number of search results specific to your query, rather than a large number of search results cluttered with useless junk – but, as AdAge noted, “Apple would have to prove that its small number of results are accurate enough to fulfill someone's query. Good-enough search has never been enough to unseat or take share from Google.'