Business Gone In 60 Seconds vis a vis Poor Email Policy

Just this week, an area manager for a local company decided to go into business for himself. 

The company policy allowed each employee to use their own personal email accounts to conduct company business. As a result of that policy, ALL sales leads in that area now go to “HIS” iCloud email account, and there is nothing the company can do about it. 

Essentially, their business in that geographical area is GONE. Their current customer base in that area only communicates with the company through “HIS” email address. They can forget about repeat business. And their long list of current prospects use “HIS” email to request new service, AND, the new prospect contact list is only in “HIS” contact list. The company does not even know who their prospects are. OUCH!!!

Lesson learned: Never Never Never allow an employee to use their own email account to conduct company business, and Never Never Never use free email gmail, yahoo, iCloud, knology... as a business email address.

Why? According the Dr. W. Edwards Deming, “he who owns the data owns the business”. In this case, the former employee owns their business.

How can a business email account make a difference?

  1. Email and Contact information could be archived so that the company could have full use of the data for sales, marketing, and customer service .

  2. Products like Thunderbird provide the ability to monitor company email in real-time. An employee defection may have been detected much earlier.

  3. With a click of a mouse or password change, emails and contacts can be securely blocked from one employee and made to another employee (“HIS” replacement), thus denying future access to company data.

There are hundreds of reasons why a business should control their company email like Control, 
Security, Brand Recognition, Credibility, and the memorable impression that it makes. But this one incident really makes the case.

If you need assistance setting up a company email account or policy, please let us know.