Greg Allen Performance Review Fenner Dunlop Americas

2016 Annual Performance Review of Greg Allen IT Systems Analyst - Lavonia
Conducted by MIS Director Tim Redmond (Supervisor) and Plant Maintenance Manager Dowell Morgan (Maintenance Manager)

Safety Awareness : Solid Performer

Supervisor: Follows all Fenner Safety Guidelines. Greg is always Safety Aware, and ensures visitors and vendors comply with FDA safety rules. He has learned and participated in the Hazard ID program and takes Safety as the serious topic that it is.

Maintenance Manager: Greg is positive towards safety and supports the Hazard ID program. He reports potential hazards or breaches of security plans while in the workplace. He responds positively to safety-oriented feedback.

Team Work : Exceptional Performer

Supervisor: As a relative newcomer to Fenner, Greg has quickly become an integral member of the Lavonia plant team and a good contributing member of the It department. He has jumped in attending the weekly plant operations meetings and established a good working relationship with Maintenance and Engineering groups. Feedback from the Plant Manager is very positive about Greg and his contribution to date

Maintenance Manager: Greg is an outstanding team player. He has been very receptive to me and my team. He tends to set goals, time lines, and follows up routinely.

Customer Focus : Solid Performer

Supervisor: Greg knows his customers and advocates well for them in IT related situations. He established a good report with key department mangers, plant manager, and superusers, and integrated himself with all things IT at the Lavonia plant.

Maintenance Manager: Greg seeks and listens to customer’ needs, suggestions, and feedback. He will usually have an answer for the needs of our team.

Communication : Exceptional Performer

Supervisor: Greg is a seasoned IT veteran and knows how to communicate well with both users and management. He listens well and is open to new ideas to solving business and precess problems. He is sensitive to user’s needs, but mindful of It standards and how to steer users to good solutions by researching and communicating possible technology solutions where appropriate. Feed back from Plant Management has been very positive regarding Greg’s communication and contributions to date.

Maintenance Manager: Greg transfers thoughts and expresses ideas in oral and written form. He tends to do his homework then gives appropriate suggestions or solutions in clear and precise solution to sustain a compelling and inspiring vision.

Behavioral Indications : Solid Performer

Supervisor: Greg is taking on this new position in Lavonia with good initiative and hard work. He is integrating well with his peers and transforming the IT position to be more of an innovator than just reactive. He is bringing new ideas for more effective production monitoring and cost savings with open source alternatives. We look forward to doing some new and different solutions with technology in the coming years.

Additional Thought: Greg has implemented a Maintenance System, in place of the Reactive System, so that systems and users can operate at peak levels without equipment downtime.

Maintenance Manager: Greg uses practical methods which improve doing things to solve problems and/or improve processes. He is action oriented and full of energy, focused on solving issues for things he/she sees as challenging.

Functional Technical Skills : Exceptional Performer

Supervisor: Greg brings good technical knowledge and experience to his position. FDA an IT perspective, he has all the qualifications we need (computers, networks, etc.) He has good Information Systems background and is eager to learn the ins and outs of E9. This will become and increasing part of his roll as we move forward and we are planning on bolstering his Epicor knowledge with training and programming/reporting assignments.

Additional Thoughts: Greg has drastically reduced downtime through system monitoring, maintenance, and user education.

Maintenance Manager: Greg thinks of ways to apply new developments to improve organizational performance of our employee's as well as the machines. He has the functional competence, knowledge and skills to advance our plant to where we need to be over the next five years.

Drives for Success : Exceptional Performer

Supervisor: Greg shows good energy and drive and is very enthusiastic about technology and its application to help solve precess and business problems. On of his first big challenges was to help move the Beaming Calculations protect along when it had a tendency to become stalled when users competing priories got in the way. He was able to walk the users through required testing and understanding of a technical enhancement to E9 and bring the project to completion. He also did a good ob sticking with the troubleshooting of the Communications Displays where a problem was persisting in having them work properly. He kept driving until the vendor finally recognized that there was a problem in their devices and worked up a permanent fix at no charge to Fenner.

Maintenance Manager: Greg demonstrates sustained effort and enthusiasm to get the job done. He delivers results and holds others accountable through-out the precess and completes on a timely manner.

Integrity and Trust : Exceptional Performer

Supervisor: Greg has shown the he an be a mediator at times and hold an open and honest position about problems and their potential solutions. He is good at holding to department standards and keeping appropriate confidential material. He is establishing a good reputation for honesty and fairness. I hold all It department members to a high standard in this category and Greg meets those high standards fully.

Additional Thoughts: So much of what we do in IT is never seen or understood by the folks we work for. Always Faithful In Little Or Much is the mantra to live by.

Maintenance Manager: Greg stays true to his values, communicates honestly and openly. Doesn’t have any hidden agenda.

Concluding Comments

Supervisor: Greg is new to Fenner, but a veteran of the IT industry for over 20 years.

He brings new and different ideas for solving business and process problems with various forms of Technology. I look forward to incorporate Greg and his experience more heavily into FDA IT tasks and decisions.

Maintenance Manager: I enjoy working with Greg. He has been of great help to me these last few months.