Cover Letter for INMOTION by Greg Allen

There is a lot that my resume does not cover that you might interest you:
1. Every company I worked for, I introduced, promoted, trained, and supported Open Source solutions:
    a. ProNet Manufacturing Shop Floor System ported to LAMP stack environment
    b. LAMP servers for InterNet and IntraNet systems
    c. Debian and Ubuntu application, web, file, and print servers
    d. MySQL, PostGresql, Apache Servers as corporate database
Results: Major cost savings, increased capability, greatly increased reliability, maximum customer satisfaction

2. Active Technologies:
    a. 14 of my 60+ customers, I replaced their Microsoft Servers with Debian Servers
    b. 2 of my customers used OpenOffice in place of Microsoft Office
    c. I switch 10% of my users from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird because of expanded capabilities
    d. Active Technologies was a one-man company. I supported all 60+ customers myself, Windows & Linux
    e. My customers enjoyed having near 100% uptime and availability
    f. 20% of my work fighting and protecting against spam, spyware, Zombies, and training users to be safe.
Results: Major cost savings, increased capability, greatly increased reliability, maximum customer satisfaction

3. DesignHostSEO: I supported up to 300+ WebHosting customers.
    a. 60% Wordpress (provided custom websites, custom themes, plug-ins, and hosting)
    b. 10% Drupal (provided custom websites, custom themes, modules, and hosting)
    c. Very familiar with WHM, Cpanel, and WHMC Billing, ip, dns servers
    d. Email Accounts, SpamAssassan, Forwards, AutoSponders, POP, iMap, SMTP Troubleshooting
    e. File Manager, Backups, FTP, Clients such as FileZilla
    f. Webalizer, AWStats, Google Analytics
    g. Password protect files and Directories, chmod, chown
    h. SubDomains, Domain Redirects, Domain Zones, WhoIS, Gateways, DHCP, DNS, SubNets
    i. MySQL setup, phpMyAdmin, Cron Jobs, Network Tools
    j. Linux and WebServer software installs (Wordpress, Drupal, LibreOffice, Scan2PDF, Printers,     ClipGrab, Adom, Audacity, Blender, Darktable, Gimp, Handbrake, Inkscape, MuseScore, Open Shot, Pinta, phpMyAdmin, Putty, Sound Converter, Thunderbird, VLC, Wine)
    k. Video, Photography (Darktable), Music Recording Studio experience (Sonar, Presonus, Reaper). 
    f. Remote Desktop

4. I maintain both Linux and Microsoft servers, and desktops, at my home

5. I surf, sail, hike, play guitar and bass in a band (top-40, rock, jazz, R&B, country (oh no the c-word))

6. Priorities: God, Family/Friends, Work, Fun (balance) I feel good about myself, great family, we have a lot of friends, I always earn good money, and I have a LOT of fun.

7. Mission: To serve and totally delight people by providing tools and services that meets or exceeds their expectations, on-time, under budget. My mission, integrity, drive, energy, vast number of resources, and enthusiasm has made me successful.

Summation: From L.A. (Dude), Huntington Beach (Gnarly) In the South (Waz Up), Always exceed performance indicators, customers love me, zombies hate me, bourne in a bash shell, linux apache mysql php, dnsing, ftping, wordpressing, drupaler, that loves what I do, the people I do it with, and the good folks we do it for. I absorb new ideas and technologies like a sponge and put the good ones into practice. I Kik Azz Whilst training my associates to Kik Azz Too. Hire me please before I’m gone.

I also have some examples of my work:

Drupal website: Click To Enter Please

Wordpress Website: Click To Enter Please

Manufacturing Shop Floor System Using LAMP Stack: Click To Enter Please

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