My Windows 7 Upgrade Experience

I have to admit, Windows 7 leaves a lot less to fuss about than Vista. It’s nice to start your computer in the morning, do stuff on it all day, and not experience any difficulty.  I concede, it is much better than Vista. But there are things to consider...

Of course, us Linux or MAC users, still have to struggle with what isn’t there in Windows 7 that have been so common in Linux for years, the ability to work with multiple screens (panes or sessions). But I’ll take reliability any day! Perhaps Microsoft will catch up some day.

But will I upgrade any of my workstations to Windows 7 right now? No No NO. I find the initial investment to be prohibitive and nobody looks forward to the learning curve. 

They are not giving windows 7 away and this is no upgrade path from Windows XP.

Windows XP has proven to be very reliable over the long hull, and, as they say, “if it ain’t broke  don’t fix it. So I will leave all but my development workstation on XP (plus one Vista laptop).

But when it comes time to replace one of my workstations or laptops, I’ll take Windows 7.

One word of caution: Before ordering that computer with Windows 7, make sure Windows 7 will work with your printers, scanners, and software.