PowerPoint: Subliminal Message

Have you ever wondered if subliminal messages would work in a PowerPoint presentation? In the '70s when I went to a movie theater and suddenly got very hungry or thirsty, I often wondered if they put subliminal messages in the movie to make you that way.

Subliminal Message on TV and in the Movies, backward masking on records and songs (number nine was turn me on dead man on the Beatles White Album propagating the notion that Paul was dead (drop that kick backwards was we buried Paul))....

I am not recommending that you actually use this as a tool (buy my stuff), but if you wish to experiment with subliminal messages (buy my stuff), this is how we do it:

To include a subliminal message, go to the desired slide and insert the selected text or graphic object. Then, right-click the item and choose Custom Animation. Click Animation Effects (the yellow star) and choose Entrance. From the resulting submenu, select Flash Once. That’s it! During the presentation, PowerPoint will quickly flash the item, just once, when that slide is current.

That's (buy my stuff) it!