Stealth Search Engine Offers Private Internet Browsing

Quick Pitch: Search the web anonymously

Genius Idea: Stealth is a search engine that does not store cookies, track IP addresses or save search terms.Your internet footprint can be minimized with a new stealthy search.

The Stealth search engine allows users to search the Internet without being trailed by cookies and other tracking devices. The startup is all about protecting privacy.

Jon Cook, the founder of the startup, was inspired by the intermingling of Google’s social media and search engine. Google’s updated privacy terms nudged Cook to roll out a service that allows users to avoid being tracked online.

Stealth doesn’t store cookies, track IP addresses or save browsing history like many of the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo do. Websites and a user’s browser communicate and share information through cookies, which can pick up private data from users.

“One of the scary things about Google is they track everything you do even when you aren’t on Google,” Cook said. “I think people want real privacy and that is what Stealth offers.”

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