Intel Wants to Replace Your Cable Box

The wait for Internet TV could finally be over.

Intel Corp. is preparing to dive into web-based cable TV, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. According to that report, Intel's online TV subscription service may be available by the end of 2012.

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Intel plans to offer online access to U.S. TV cable channels, a creation Intel calls a "virtual cable operator," the Wall Street Journal exclusive said.

According to the report, Intel wants to offer channel bundles modeled after cable and satellite providers' subscriptions. The multinational chip maker is also developing a set-top box to carry its TV service to users.

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For several months, Intel has pitched the idea to media companies and has asked for rate cards. Intel has not secured a programming deal. If it does, the site will offer tough competition for traditional TV services.

Intel's launch may be delayed by the price of TV programming and a lack of bandwidth. In 2012, TV providers paid $40.7 billion in fees to cable channels, according to SNL Kagan.

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