FireFox Comeback Tour

In 2012, Firefox will deliver incredible user and developer experiences in four areas.

First, Firefox will continue shipping innovative new features that ensure users stay in control of their online lives. As a non-profit organization, Mozilla is uniquely positioned for putting users first, and in 2012 Firefox will do just that with features to help users manage how they're tracked on the Web, make sharing across multiple social networks quick and easy, bring privacy and control to the site sign-in process, and much more.

Second, Firefox will deliver the highest quality browsing experience with top notch performance, memory usage, and stability. In 2012, all browsers do more, stay open longer, and display more and richer content; but as the capabilities of the browsers increase so do the opportunities for the experience to become heavy or unstable. Mozilla understands the value of a responsive user experience and a highly stable and performant platform for Web developers. In 2012 strengthened and dedicated teams will wipe out any and all Firefox responsiveness issues users face and guarantee the rock solid stability at low memory costs that developers demand for their apps.

Third, while our mission compels us to deliver innovative new features and the highest quality experiences, the Web is more than just the desktop browser and so in 2012 Mozilla will be broadening its product offerings to include a web-wide people-centric identity system, a complete web apps ecosystem, and a no-compromises mobile browser. Integrating these products into the Firefox experience will give users a much richer Firefox and will help launch these new products to a broad user and developer audience.

Fourth, Firefox in 2012 will bring major advances in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as a powerful and beautiful set of Web developer tools. These capabilities will enable app-quality experiences and developer productivity that rivals native platforms.

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