SmartPhones Under $100 Without Long-Term Contract

Great deals on smartphones are not always what they appear to be. Most smartphones that are “on sale” for less than $100 will end up costing you thousands over the course of a required two-year contract. Of course, you can buy a smartphone without a contract, but end up paying several hundred dollars for a device that could be outdated by the time you leave the store. Neither of these options are great for the pocketbook.

Thankfully, there are quality phones available at smart prices that you won’t have to commit to long-term. Whether you sign up for a more flexible plan from a smaller cellular carrier, go with a prepaid billing option, or purchase an “unlocked” smartphone from an online retailer, there are excellent deals to dial into.

Here are the best smartphones to buy for less than a hundred bucks, but with no strings attached.

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