DNS Changer Doomsday Final Call

In 10 days, there's a chance you will not be able to access the Internet on your personal computer. No email, no Facebook, no Google, no Twitter — nothing.

This potentially dire situation is due to the nasty DNSChanger Trojan, and the fateful date of July 9, on which the FBI is set to take all computers still infected with the malware offline for good. The date is being dubbed "Internet doomsday" for those who don't take action.

Launched by Estonian cybercriminals, the DNSChanger malware infected Windows PCs, Macs and routers across the world and enabled the crooks to hijack victims' Web traffic and reroute it to rigged sites. After the FBI, in "Operation Ghost Click," busted the criminals last November, the FBI set up surrogate servers to keep the computers infected with the Trojan temporarily online so users could clean them. But on July 9, those surrogate servers are coming down.

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This is bad news for anyone whose computer is still harboring the malware. According to a new report from Internet Identity,that unfortunate group, which at the time of the FBI sting was made up of 4 million computers and routers worldwide,still includes 12 percent of the Fortune 500.

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