Access: Word Mail Merge From Access

No more importing and exporting data; Don’t need to cut ‘n’ paste. Use the OfficeLinks to open Microsoft Word’s Mail Merge Wizard from within Access, and this is how we do it:

1. From the database window, select the table or query that contains the information you want to merge into your mailing documents.

2. On the Database toolbar, click the drop-down arrow of the OfficeLinks button.

3. Select Merge It With MS Word.

If you’re using Word 2002, Access displays the Microsoft Word Mail Merge Wizard dialog box, which gives you the option of linking your data to an existing Word document or to an entirely new document.

1. Selecting Link Your Data To An Existing Microsoft Word Document displays the standard File

2. Open dialog box from which you can select your document. Access opens the selected document with the Mail Merge toolbar active.

3. Selecting Create A New Document And Then Link The Data To It opens a new document with the Mail Merge toolbar active. You can use the Mail Merge toolbar or the task pane to create and print a merged document or labels.

If you’re using Word 2000, Access opens a new Word document with the Mail Merge toolbar displayed. Select the Mail Merge Helper tool from the toolbar to create and print the merge document or labels.