Uninvited Facebook Friends Swarming Smartphone Contacts

Have you noticed recently that contacts seem to be magically appearing on your SmartPhone? Is the list growing bigger and bigger?

If, in the past, you elected to sync your SmartPhone with your Facebook account, Facebook has added a function to automatically sync your Facebook Friends into your contacts. Problem is that when they provided this now feature, 1. they didn't tell anybody (or at least nobody listened) and 2. the default is ON. As a result, many have been creeped out by contacts magically appearing on their SmartPhones. Somehow all of the Facebook contacts are now in the SmartPhone's contacts.

What? You don't want Facebook Friends in your SmartPhone contacts? Me neither! Let's get rid of them and this is how we do it:

•    First remove your Facebook account from your SmartPhone
•    Next backup your current contacts (the ones you want to keep).
o    Go into the people app
o    press menu
o    choose import/export
o    choose export to sd memory card
o    choose the account (if applicable)
•    Now add the Facebook account again. Uncheck the sync contacts check box.
•    Go into settings, applications, manage applications, select all tab
•    Find Contact storage in the list and select it
•    WARNING: be SURE you have backed up all the contacts you want!!!!
•    click clear data
•    Now go back into the people app. (You should notice no contacts appear)
•    Press menu
•    Select import/export
•    Select Import from SD card
•    Select appropriate account to create your contacts

This procedure should restore your contacts as they are without Facebook linking but keep the live feed.
Oh that's right - iPhone 5 doesn't have an sd memory card. (tisk tisk)