SEO: Why Google Ignores You

Everyone wants their website on the first page of Google. But few make it. Why?

1. Your domain name is meaningless
Your cryptic domain name means something to you, but it doesn't contain any keywords relevant to your business. So it means nothing to Google.

2. Your site is slow
Remember all those amazing graphics and special effects your designer did for your site? Well, they're slowing it down. Google hates slow websites, and so do your visitors.

3. Title Tags
Every page has a title tag, but it's not on the page, it's in the html. Google expects title tags to be short, descriptive, keyword rich and highly relevant to page content. Google hates poor title tags, and it especially hates a poor homepage title tag.

4. No Text
Google looks for regular text on your page and ignores text you've put in a graphic. It expects text to be informative, focused, keyword rich and completely relevant to the title tag. Google hates pages that lack text, or contain text that's not relevant to the page topic.

5. Nobody Likes You
You've fixed everything above, so now you think you have a great website. Trouble is, Google will not take your word for it. Instead it will check the Internet to find websites that link to yours. Then it will check their quality. If it finds a few high quality sites that link to your site Google will take that as a vote of confidence. And it will finally stop hating you!